Saturday, April 24, 2010

There Is A Place

Look here.
The clouds behind and the sky before
do not reveal your secret shame.
Wherever it is, it is not here.

Your precious, diligent mind
has fulfilled its custody agreement.
Now your skin can taste serenity
and your hair will breathe glory.

Here, in the rich earth
you can begin to grow
the fronds of
your own story.

If you are still enough,
you will see
this place does not know
the landscape of regret.
© 2010 by Kathryn Feigal. All rights reserved. 


  1. Kass this is beautiful. How can you write that you do not consider yourself a writer. writers write, and you write as well as many if not most of them in blogland. You may not write for publication, fame or glory but your writing connects to your readers, your audience and you write often enough here to mark you as a writer, namely one who writes.

    Writing is like singing. It is a commonplace activity and we can all sing and most of us can write, but writers write purposefully.

    Time to get off my soapbox.

    Just one additional thought here. Your writing and poetry on this blog has inspired me, more than any other, to try to write poetry again.

    Without you I would never have dared. When I read what you produce in your carefree state, not that the end product is always carefree, but when I read your writing here, your attempts at poetry, I am inspired.

    What more could anyone want than to inspire another into trying too.


    And happy birthday for tomorrow. It is tomorrow isn't it? 25 April. Here it is already 25 April, the day Australians celebrate Anzac day, not celebrate but commemorate.

    But your birthday calls for real celebration. The one day of the year, I tell my children and myself, when you are entitled to be celebrated.

  2. PS, your poem seems to me to honour your birth 'Here, in the rich earth
    you can begin to grow
    the fronds of
    your own story.'

    And you say you're not a writer. Ho hum.

  3. Hi Kass, this is beautiful, and I thank you for posting! I love the line Elisabeth quoted above! I haven't written a poem in a long time, you are inspiring me!

  4. Oh, Kass, it WAS written for Elisabeth and me. I see it in the labels list now. On the day you posted it, I wasn't able to pay close attention to it. I was busily putting together your birthday post. Now it makes me weep. I will come back and say more, but right now, I weep.

  5. oh,that first stanza. (!)

    the line break on before is wisdom forwards and backwards.

    i read that first stanza and feel forgiven. i read that first stanza and no longer feel forgotten.

  6. Stunning.



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