Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Poem 7: The Key To Learning My Song

He is the master of
arpeggiated sarcasm,
 practicing demonic scales,
unacceptable parallel fifths*.
His staccato could sever a limb,
but when he plays
dolce, con amore,
poco a poco, ma non troppo,
da capo a fine
Bravo, baby,

© 2010 by Kathryn Feigal. All rights reserved. 

*The P5 is a strong definer of tonality,  tending to give the feeling of being in different keys.
P5s reduce contrapuntal independence and provide bad voice-leading)
(dolce,con amore-sweetly,with love, poco a poco, ma non troppo-little by little, but not too much, da capo a fine-from beginning to end, )


  1. You struck a chord with me, Kassie. Beautifully executed poem, featuring a subject you KNOW about. Ironically I'm writing about something to do with music right now. Not classical, upscale music. But music, nonetheless. Music I love. I so admire you putting out a really good piece of writing each and every day!

  2. Brava! I'll give this a sitting ovation, 'tis a fun piece.

  3. LESLIE - I love striking you in this way. I know we share a lot of similar life experiences, and not just from living in the Sugarhood. I'm looking forward to your next post.

    ALESA - Glad I could move you to ovate, even if you couldn't stand it.......(sorry, couldn't resist)....oooh, I just had a thought: what if you're like Deborah Kerr in An Affair To Remember. That would be a really bad joke.

  4. Apologies, off subject, but not to be missed: check out Kirk again this morning when you get a moment. The power of the internet is something! It has reducede our world to manageable size.

  5. As a flautist from the tender age of nine and a music lover I really enjoyed your poetry today ....

  6. oh my, but do you have a gift! your poetry sings-how fitting!

  7. there's more than one kind of key isn't there ... and you expressed it well

  8. LESLIE - I checked out Kirk and left a message there. What fun!

    HELEN - You're a flautist! I love the flute. My granddaughter, Sandra is learning to play. Glad you understood my lingo.

    STANDING - Thanks. When do we get to see the poems you've been working on?

    S. ETOLE - Yes, both kinds of keys do open up doors to amazing worlds!

  9. BRAAAVOOO Kass!!!

    simple great!


  10. Dear Kass, I really short, flashing poems like this. Intense and delivered with a brandishing fist.
    I am Italian, you know, and I enjoyed the final lines. I don't understand why the c in Capo -maybe you were quoting from some source?- is a capital letter, I think it should be in Italian "da capo a fine". "Al fine" with an "l" means "for that purpose". But I think you meant "from the beginning to the end".
    It's anyway a marvellous line.

  11. Ooops, sorry, you certainly meant "from the beginning to the end", I hadn't read the note at the bottom.

  12. I were in Deborah Kerr's position, I'd hope to have enough of a sense of humor to appreciate the joke nonetheless.
    I'm glad you understand what I meant. I figured a standing ovation would stand out too much.

  13. GABI - Glad you liked it.

    TOMASSO - OOoooh, of course you're ITALIAN. Type to me with an accent, please. And I do thank you for the correction. I'm going to change it. I was taking these Italian words from music I have. I don't know why some publishers capitalize. My semesters of Italian from college have not stayed with me. I should know better.

    ALESA - Now I am challenged to get a standing ovation from you. Tee hee.

  14. Each day a new surprise Kass. This one exceptionally brilliant. Nice, nice,nice!

  15. To paraphrase Sam Cooke, don't know much about classical music, but I really do like your poem.

  16. Ah...well played...accarezzevole

  17. TAG - Thank you, thank you, thank you. Poetry is fun, isn't it? Have you caught the bug permanently?

    KIRK - Yes, you don't have to know much except that this is a wonderful world (and one in which you helped some pretty interesting people connect.

    JONAS - soothing, calming, quieting, appeasing; coaxing - had to look it up. Niiiiice!

  18. The visual is stunning in this concrete poem.
    Bravo to you.(Standing)

  19. That's crazy awesome! I can imagine it as lyrics to a Tom Waits song.

  20. AJ - Thank you, you can sit down now.

    JULIE - You're right. Tom Waits voice would make this sound legit.

  21. Oh brave and wonderful, Kass,
    your poetry is really taking off.

  22. ELISABETH - Thank you.


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