Saturday, April 10, 2010

Poem 10: At The Airport

The sun hits
just right -
mirror charms
of some dangling participant,
who waits.

© 2010 by Kathryn Feigal. All rights reserved. 


  1. You're really getting into this poetry thing, Kass. I admire your efforts.

    I keep trying to write poetry and I find I can only write it - from scratch that is, not from pruned down prose - when I am fired up. Then of course, it all reads as bathos, pathos and all the rest, and I give up on it again, until another day.

  2. ELISABETH - This poem was a quick and dirty attempt to at least keep my resolve to write a poem a day in April. I can't keep a marriage going, but I can write a poem a day, no matter the quality.

    This hour-before-midnight offering was more about the picture I happened to catch as I waited at the Park and Wait to pick up my son . To my left, this surreal beam of light aimed at the cherries - to my right, two Muslim women with lilies in their hands, waiting along with me, two BLONDE children in car seats in the back, wailing. How do dark-skinned, burka-shroaded women produce blonde children? Is it 'profiling' to think this is odd? Oh my goodness, I just googled burka to see if I was spelling it right because spell check made it redwrong....and....THERE'S A BURKA BARBIE DOLL!

  3. i really like both the pic and the poem. the poem has a haiku feel, and does exactly what haiku is supposed to do-catch the moment.
    and, some marriages are not meant to be held together. there's only so much duct tape can do!

  4. I really like 'some dangling participant,' there's something rather eerie about it, yet it also aptly describes how I often feel about my own life.

  5. Must tell you ... I am in awe of your writing ability.

  6. A quick, vivid moment!

  7. I am loving your poetic verses and the photos are just perfect.

  8. STANDING - You're right about duct tape like unions. I'm glad you liked my offering. This week-end has been really busy so I'm going to have to post date the next poem since it is already tomorrow.

    ERYL - I'm glad you like dangling participant. I guess I'm on a grammar-like kick.

    HELEN - Thank you so much!

    MIM - So nice to see you here. I appreciate the feedback.

    POETIC - This kind of thing is fun to do, I like the pictures and descriptions you share on your blog too.

  9. Tip o' the hat, Kassie. Not sure why, but both of your offerings this weekend (the photo with Poem 10 and the words of Poem 11) made me think of Ex. We surely sat waiting at airports a lot in 32 years. Alone and waiting for something else to happen. Someone else to happen.

  10. LES...Something else to happen
    ........Something else to happen

    now there's a poem.

  11. am really digging your poetry.


  12. enjoying your poetry run ...


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