Friday, April 2, 2010

National Poetry Month

In honor of National Poetry Month, I will be writing a poem a day. 
Warning: this will NOT be pretty - 
proceed at your own revulsion/ridicule rate.
It usually takes me months, sometimes a year to write a poem.

April Fool, 
(written on the 1st)

You were the main attraction,
but the film broke.
Now you're a horror flick,
with limited engagement.

Nausea Vu
(April 2)

I've seen you before, 
or someone like you,
or someone like someone like you.


  1. i do love both of your poems! this is going to be a fun month!

    i'm doing the same thing, a poem a day. most, however, will NOT be posted.

  2. Quick bad poems you say?

    I've labored mightily to craft bad poems!

  3. Hurray for you -- a poem a day! Go for it. I like both of these.

  4. This set my heart to laughing in the best of ways! Thank you ... Blessings for this Resurrection Day!

  5. STACEY - You should try your hand at this. You do have a way with words.

    STANDING - If I can post mine, so can you. Click on THIS to feel inspired about photography.

    JONAS - Maybe if I take longer, they'll be even worse.

    JUNE - It was you and Sarah that inspired this, so 'shame on you.'

    S. ETOLE - Glad I could give you a chuckle. Happy Easter to you too.

  6. You're too harsh on yourself, Kasserole. Those are both poetry. I'm not poetic and I'm not writing poetry - I don't even feel inadequate for that, either - but I know it when I see it.

  7. In truth, I rather enjoyed these offerings.

  8. I've tried the odd poem and i might try again before the month is out.

    Your efforts here are nothing to ridicule. They're inspirational and if you hadn't put them down in advance I doubt that anyone here would be critical.

  9. Whether you do or whether you don't you can claim to have had us. Well done.

  10. Nothing bad about them! I think they are great.

  11. This is wonderful! I REALLY LOVE "Nausea Vu"! I can so relate!!!!

  12. Bad poetry is my specialty! ;o) I like what you've got here and look forward to seeing more as I've got time throughout the month. :o)

  13. I'm an awful poet, but the thrill of writing it keeps me going.

    I'm new to your blog & love your side bar, the Lamott quote, Oliver quote, etc.! Mmm, sweet!

  14. LIMES - Thanks for the encouragement.

    JONAS - Enjoyment is what it's all about.

    ELISABETH - I would love to see you try your hand at poetry.

    DAVE - I rather like the idea of 'having' you.

    JULIE - Thanks. Coming from you, that's quite a compliment.

    P.J. - Nausea vu is usually reserved for repeatedly bad restaurant food, but it works for people too.

    KRISTSA - EVERYTHING is your specialty.

    TERRESA - You're right. The thrill is in the writing. Welcome aboard.


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