Saturday, April 3, 2010

Poem #3: The FBI Looks At My Hardrive

Agent Floyd: (in a low tone)
Axial poetics
chaos theory
hybrid air purifiers
rat control
Dim Mak Death Touch
Resonance Science

Agent Lawson: (boredom in his voice)
kundalini awakening
quantum theory
wood restoration
poetry daily

Both: (with disappointment)
Still a suspect, doubt she's the one -
too scattered.


  1. a woman of diversity ... :-)

  2. I love a babe who can do all kinds of things, Kass! Great presentation today. I picture those agents looking like Dan Aykroyd in Dragnet.

  3. S. ETOLE - Diverse, or lack of focus?

    LESLIE - Hmmm, Dan Aykroyd...that could work. I had more of a Sergeant Friday thing going.

  4. Dan Aykroyd WAS Sgt. Friday in the 1987 movie. I think we're going for the same thing.

  5. LESLIE - I meant Jack Webb, original Sgt. Friday. So stiff and droll.

  6. Yes, I got that. And even though Aykroyd was Friday, he's way too smiley and happy when held up to Jack Webb. I bet Jack Webb could make pencils snap in half just by looking at them.

  7. I just watched Sunset Boulevard the other night. Jack Webb plays William Holden's best friend. Funny and likable with a great smile. he brought some much needed light into that picture.
    I laughed out loud at today's verse. Well done Kass

  8. Jack Webb and Harry Morgan played this so straight. A lot of what was said is still good advice today.

  9. going to post this one on the Cunning Poets Society group page on facebook.

  10. You're my "Crush o' the Week". Just sayin'

  11. Ha ha! This is great... this would be a fun tag... mine would be mostly food related today :)

  12. TAG - However, did you find that video on YouTube? Jack Webb and Harry Morgan are exactly what I had in mind for this 'free' verse.

    nAncY - What is this Cunning Poets Society group page? I'll have to look into it.

    JONAS - You can crush on me anytime. Just respondin'...

    VICKY - A poem about food....Hmmm, now you've got me going.

  13. I had to work at this one Kass, mostly I suspect because many of the allusions would be more familiar to an American state of mind. But I twigged to the last verse. Obviously others are not so thick or culturally impeded as me.

  14. ELISABETH - There's nothing very American about the things I google. I'm a Handy Ma'am so I'm always looking for ways to refinish old furniture and ways to control the rats at my cabin. The other stuff is related to my interest in Quantum Mechanics, chaos theory and the general workings of the universe....and of course, I love poetry. This (un)poem was just a random string of items in my favorite bookmark section.

  15. JUNE - Of course there will be more. You can't stop me now.

  16. This is really great :)


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