Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Possibly The Best Birthday Ever

Sunday was one of the best days ever! It started out with reading the wonderful Birthday tribute, organized by Leslie. It continued on through the day, with a picnic at a park given by my children, and ended, once more with reading the warm comments from my bloggies. How can I thank you enough?
My family knows me well enough to have given me the perfect gifts: 

Homemade multi-dimensional card from granddaughter, Sandra.
Tickets to a concert by one of my favorite artists, 
Jenny Oaks Baker 
and an artistic handcrafted treasure box made by daughter-in-law, Autumn. It featured cut-outs of operatic pictures and words and was modpodged and waxed. Inside, Kathryn and Sandra had put a collection of little goodies. You can see my expression as I admired all the intricacies. 
Thank you again to everyone who made my day such a happy one!

Cards and printed-out blog gifts and comments.


  1. Cool! Happy Birthday! I'm glad the sun was shining it's happy face upon you.

  2. A true celebration of you! What a glorious day and I am so glad you felt the love and celebration of you!!

  3. You have such a beautiful family. I'm so happy because you deserve all good things. (tag)

  4. Happy B-day! Looks warmer there than here. Looks like a pretty fine day.

  5. Belated birthday wishes. Fantastic, almost fantasy. Wonderful post.

  6. That really does look and sound like the perfect birthday. Your family is gorgeous, which is hardly surprising.

  7. A very happy belated birthday wish to you from me, Kass! I'm glad you had such a spectacular day; you deserve it!


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