Thursday, April 29, 2010

Poem In My Pocket

 Poem 29

This is the poem
that can't be
It will never be 
only sung in the body
like a frayed wire, 
scutched and twisted,
humming toward
© 2010 by Kathryn Feigal. All rights reserved. 


  1. I guess your magnetic personality shines out in this piece: it's attractive... : j

  2. What a cool idea...I knew it's National Poetry Month and we've been celebrating it all April. We read the book "Song of the Water Boatman and Other Pond Poems."

    Always a pleasure to visit you.
    one love.

  3. You astound me: 'sung in the body / like a frayed wire.' what an image!

  4. scutched and twisted like my soul.
    its appropriate that September gets cracked open and peeled. That most horrible of months.
    Why not tomorrow?

  5. Quick poems, like quick sketches, are apt to have more vitality and power than the polished article. This one seems to be a case in point. Don't be put off if you think it has a few rough edges. It's potential dynamite.

  6. Immediately Walt Whitman's I Sing the Body Electric popped into my head.

  7. Wonderful verse here Kass. Your energy amazes me. I cannot write verse to rule. I'm here now from Eryl's blog and I share her struggles with writing on demand.

    You do it brilliantly though.

  8. ALESA - That's why I usually head north in my poems.

    SE'LAH - Thanks for the suggestion. I googled it. Joyce Sidman seems very imaginative.

    ERYL - I think I came up with that because I couldn't say I sing the body electric.

    TAG - Great combination of both poems. Reads like a poem itself.

    DAVE - Thanks. I think I would like to change the last lines. I'll ponder on it.

    JULIE - That's interesting because that's the poem that inspired my fast little ditty.

    ELISABETH - The 'on demand' thing is a challenge. Perhaps I can accomplish it because I have no aspirations to publish, other than here on my blog and I don't mind 'putting it all out there' because everyone is so kind.

  9. Both poems; worthy.
    You; celebrated and appreciated.

  10. MARIE - Thanks and may I say how much I love your new profile pic. And thank you for the mighty song you left on my answer machine. My land line has been going crazy with my 3-in-one Officejet so a lot of people get the fzzzzzzzz when they call. Thanks for hanging in there.

  11. I'm humming on this one ...

  12. Hi Kass, Thanks for inviting me to this blog. I love it and have a wonderful poem but I missed having time to share. I may do it on Sunday anyway. Come visit anytime. Hugs, Mollye

  13. my favorite sounds are silent.

    i'm so pleased you took to this poem of my brothers and me. your poem, btw, captures what goes on inside when a story is brewing.



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