Wednesday, April 28, 2010


(I can always be distracted by love, but eventually I get horny for my creativity. 
- Gilda Radner)
I may not get
my story
or my leg straight,
but I will always


  1. Author, Author! (WV) you forishr nailed this Kassie.

  2. brava! i stand humbled before your incredible talent. damn, girl...
    30 april will be a very sad day for me.
    on a not-so-separate not, how did you find the liz lerman dance exchange?

    WV-galso-how is one galso blazingly good at so many things>

  3. Definitely a smorgasbord of talent and creativity! I laughed at both the first one and the third one very heartily I might add... adding in the Gilda Radner quote just about sent me over the edge!

  4. You're absolutely awesome! Did you draw the pictures that weren't photos?

  5. TAG - I humbly bow before you.

    STANDING - Thanks. I have kept the Liz Lerman picture for YEARS! I cut it out of a poster catalogue. I probably should buy it instead of copying it. How do you know about her dance troupe?

    VICKY - Glad you liked it. I love Gilda. I have a mod-podged tribute to her on the side of a bookcase. Maybe I should go take a picture of it and show you.

    JULIE - Back atcha!

    PJ. - The 'likewise' image is one I cut from a magazine years ago. I didn't save the artist's name. The Gertrude Stein image is a card I just bought. It is published by the Philosopher's Guild. I photoshopped the mouth into a burp and added the caption bubble.

  6. So charmed by both the dance poem and that fantastic photo!

  7. Oh, Kass, I took a few days off from the virtual world and did some housekeeping in my real one. I saw you'd posted earlier today but your post was up for hours before I got a chance to look just now. I was so startled, first to see my picture and then to read your poem! It's been a little minute since anyone wrote poetry to me or about me. Thank you. You made me choked up at my desk.

  8. JUNE - Yes, this dance troupe is really a charming.

    LES - I took 3 days off and it's taken me half a day to catch up with comments. Something has got to change. I can't keep doing this. It takes too much time. Glad you liked my little poem. It's not nearly enough to show my gratitude. I can't believe that you took the time to organize and draft and compose that wonderful bus tour.

  9. That was my pleasure. I've done similar exercises before. And I get you about how this consumes time. I'm working on a post . . .

  10. The Gilda Radner quote is brilliant as is your poem to go with it, love them all though.

  11. kass, i've known about lerman for years. used to live not far from where her studio is. i had a friend who danced with the exchange for a bit. i always wanted to dance with them. i was (briefly) a dance major in college.


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