Friday, April 23, 2010

"I Feels It"

Dial 1-900-EMPATHY (367-2849)
for the muster master.
who can cue cry,
limn the line,
disconnect you
from your sorrow,
tune in to your trauma -
you'll feel felt
(this is not a told-free number).


  1. The K is back! Heya Kass. Nice to hear you punning again. There was a definite shortage while you were away!
    Told-free number? Great pun'ch line.

  2. Witty and wonderful, black as well.

    One of my daughter mocks my style as a therapist, 'yes, I understand' is all she imagines I ever say.

    But there is call for mockery of the online empathy that comes packaged and precise and denies the actual pain at the other end of the line in its exaggeration.

    Thanks again, Kass.


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