Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bluebirds Can't See The Color Blue

I die daily to uplifting transgressions of nature,
the blow holes of some errant god
who created disruption, exactitudes of chaos.
My restless eyes demand
infinite fields of privation.
I am fixated on weather's irrational bias,
the forced entry of beauty screaming
from cloud-licked skies.
I relentlessly doubt dogmatic order
and float on rivers that heckle boulders by bending.

© 2010 by Kathryn Feigal. All rights reserved. 


  1. This is just cause for standing applause.
    I enjoyed this thoroughly, both parts.
    I'd be hard pressed to choose a favourite between the first and the second. You can't tell but I'm giving you a retro-style two thumbs up!

  2. Hello! You were so right .. I just left 'Earth Angel' and will forever remember one line in particular ~ 'the power of a faithful, angelic grandmother is endless.'

    Thank you so much for leading me there.

  3. ALESA - I'll take it, but what is a retro style thumbs up?

    HELEN - So glad you were as touched as I was.

  4. Do people still give thumbs up? I was under the impression that it had gone out of fashion in the US (was never really done where I live), like winking...

    But I suppose a retro thumbs up is an old-school thumbs up.

    The kind the geek gods gave each other on Olympus.

    Hermes: "What's that Technicus? You've invented a thinking machine? So the gods send their own messages to one another without going through me?" -THUMBS UP-

  5. Good morning, Cookie. These are both remarkable. I start my day in awe of you. You set yourself a formidable task. Not only is the poetry captivating, it is marvelous watching a mad dog passionately churn out images. But then, we know I like that sort of thing. This grabbed me:
    " . . some errant god
    who created disruption, exactitudes of chaos." Very powerful stuff, Kassie. You've almost reached the halfway mark!

  6. ALESA - You make me laugh. I always want to put a "k" in your name when I type it: ALESKA. Aleskalesa if that's OK. Why are you so mysterious about where you live? I asked you some time ago if you were Canadian. It makes sense - you being so funny and all (like Bill Murray, Mike Myers and countless other Canadians). Did you ever answer me?

    LESLIE - Yay, the halfway mark. How do you spell yay? Spellcheck doesn't like it. Mad dog, indeed. You pegged it.

  7. Ales Kalesa would make a good pseudonym... Except I'd spell it Alles Kalesa (everything kalesa).

    As long as I recognize that you are addressing me (otherwise it might get inconvenient), and it is done in your characteristic kind spirit, you're welcome to call me whatever you like. (I'll tell you a secret though, I'm no stranger to names beginning with "K"s).

    I did answer, I pretty much always answer (it's easy with such a comfortable number of readers)... I answered with a discrete dogde (no not the trucks, no not the city either). But I guess I just blew the discretion clean out of the water. Oh well.

  8. Well, remember you're not the only mad dog I know. And it takes one to know one. About "yay". I like it just that way, because "yeah" is more "yeh" than "yay". Yay is just yay.

    Thank you both for Earth Angel and the other link you sent this morning. I have been a little bit fragile, so I will wait awhile to tell you how they affected me.

  9. ALESA - Are you really going to make me scroll through your blog to find out where you live?

    A former boyfriend of mine who was very sketchy, vague and secretive actually turned out to be a spy working undercover for the CIA? How many deceptive boyfriends can actually get away with that one?.....

    I was punning when I wrote Aleskalesa (I'll ask Alesa).

  10. Well, as tempting as it is to have you scroll through my blog... I have to say it you wouldn't find out where I lived by doing so; so I wouldn't recommend it. As I said, I dodged that question.

    LoL, you got me... I missed that one Aleskalesa.

    Being sketchy sounds like a poor way to be undercover.

    I just like to maintain some distance between my online and offline lives. Always have.
    Besides I love the idea of being potentially from anywhere... Well at this point anywhere but Canada and the US. As I've already told you I don't live there. I've also said I don't live in an English speaking country.

    For the record, I don't work for any governments... Maybe if I did, I'd work less and get paid more. To all governments spying on this conversation: I'm willing to switch jobs! : j

  11. Soap haiku on Dave's blog ~ priceless!

  12. Intensity and the joy in words and assonances digging in the sky.
    I perceive sounds of great tradition behind Bluebirds Can't See The Colour Blue: William Blake, Dylan Thomas.

  13. ALESA - You know, since I started writing poems everyday, I see lines I could use everywhere. I want to use, "I'm potentially from anywhere."

    HELEN - Glad you liked the Haiku, but what? You hated these poems? just kidding

    T. G. or DAVIDE - Thank you. I was grooving on your poem today, too.

  14. Ha, if you feel like it, use it. Whatever major companies want you to believe, common sentences aren't anyone's private gardens yet.
    And I'd be pleased to see someone plant pretty flowers in my public gardens.

  15. I am simply in awe of your creative talents.

  16. A while ago I was challenged to write a poem a month [not in April] and did so -- it's a cliche but I feel your pain. And yet it's a good exercise. I have only one from that month that I will show people but I wouldn't have had it without the challenge. Probably that's not a bad percent.

  17. i echo poetic shutterbug's statement.

    just so you know, i've been writing a poem a day-well, i missed one day. (i wrote it in my head, then forgot it!) and uniformly, with a couple of exceptions, they suck. i'm not being unduly self-deprecating. they really suck.
    so your ongoing excellence (and stamina) is to be celebrated!

  18. ALESA - Your metaphors are inspiring.

    POETIC - Thanks so much.

    JUNE - It is a great exercise. I wish I believed that great art sprang from intense pain.

    STANDING - I'm sure your poems don't suck as much as they draw a lot of air into them from the sighing silence.

  19. I do believe there's little more to be said ...

  20. see, kass, that's EXACTLY what i mean! i never would have thought of that.

  21. I really like both of these but love 'Bluebirds Can't See The Color Blue'. The opening line is a lasso thrown by an expert cowboy, and as for 'the blow holes of some errant god'! But the whole thing is marvellous and doesn't miss a beat.

  22. S. ETOLE - Ah, go on. Try.

    STANDING - Yeah, but you've thought of other snarky things.

    ERYL - Lasso and cowboy stuff! I'm ready for the round-up. I would have said rodeo, but I HATE RODEOS. They're so cruel.

    MARIUS - If you aren't one romantic-looking gypsy, then I don't know who is....

  23. I relentlessly doubt dogmatic order
    and float on rivers that heckle boulders by bending

    you really do.. thats why we resonate...

    LOVE this!

  24. CHRISTINA - Yes, we do. And I'm glad.

  25. (introduction to poem deleted from post):
    I gave myself an assignment;
    a tisket a tasket -
    the mind is a questionable thing
    especially when you ask it
    to produce a poem a day
    and strain at troubled truths -
    I've dredged my sloggy brain,
    it made me feel uncouth.
    so here's another swamp thing -
    it comes from regions nether.
    I hope it delivers a punch
    and strokes you like a feather:

  26. yeah, good to see you creating and sharing like this. i'll be back for more. loved the title to this poem and the heckling water. mmmm.


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