Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Two-Day Self-Imposed Silent Retreat In Midway, Utah

Pot Rock Collection - Don't Take Any -
In the Olden Days, 
Neighbors Shot Each Other Over Disputed Pot Rock Ownership -
Pot Rock Buildings In Town (below)
  Now Take A Quick 'Scroll' With Me Down Midway (Memory) Lane

 Irrigation Gate
Watercress Grows Freely

Only One Democrat In Town

Yippee! The Town Finally Gets A Grocery Store

Metal Works Shop Where Angle Irons Were Made 
That I Used To Support Beams After I Jacked Up Cantilevered Edges of Cabin
(it's a long story)

Bonner's Policy: Turn No Cat Away
(yes, it smells like the Cat House at the zoo)

The Bridges of Wasatch County

"I'd like to take a walk ALONE along the Provo River - 
This screwdriver should be enough protection."

"...and the hoary frost of heaven, who has gendered it?"
(Job 38:29)

River Foam Among The Logs

Where's Elmo the Fisherman?

I would like to decay beautifully
like this crocodile log.

Please, random attacker, if my screwdriver fails, 
lay me out in this field, next to this log -
let me be earth.


  1. If you took a two day silent retreat, does that mean that The "K" is Silent again?
    Love the photos, jealous of the retreat time and place. Someday in my next life I'll have a cabin.

  2. Wonderful pictures, Kass. Wilderness right up to the edge of town.

  3. Really great photos! You have such a great eye for beauty and reality.

    I love Midway too and now I'm wondering how it got its name -- what is it mid-way to?

  4. from the book my Uncle John Van Cott wrote called Utah Place Names: Midway is on Snake Creek, four miles northwest of Heber. In 1859 there were two settlements on the creek. The upper settlement, two miles farther up-canyon, had a temporary name of Mound City. the two communities eventually united under the name Midway so the settlers could better protect themselves against the Indians.


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