Saturday, November 14, 2009

Gotta Push That Weepy Mug Shot Down On The Blog With Some Other Post - Any Post

It snowed in Millcreek Canyon

Pipeline Trail

Taking a break

Lola chats with Scooby


  1. Oh but your mug shot from the Sorrow's Storehouse precinct drew me so intensely. I thought it one of the gutsiest things I'd ever seen. Both magnetic and repellent.

    Millcreek Canyon looks beautiful and crisp. I spotted the gloves! I can abide anything outdoors as long as my hands are warm enough.

  2. Love mountains -- and the trail looks very inviting. Lucky you.

    BTW -- if you're making your salmon colored quilt, I'd love to see pix when done, or in progress.

  3. Oh, come on! Kass, you quilt, too?

  4. Aw, Kass, you've just made me cry. I really NEEDED to tell this, to write it and then share it. But it was risky and I felt kind of vulnerable. Yes, the Badger will read it as soon as he gets in from the Starbucks group ride. He'll blush (again) when he thinks of his two pronouncements made under the stars.

    Yes, I get some of the quirkier images from the 'net. It's amazing what's out there. And yes, you can certainly share. I am writing in a public forum (I keep reminding myself).

    OK, as to girl crushes, I have to tell you . . . I have spent half the morning perusing every part of your blog and it has caused so much stirring in me - the scenery I have not seen in a long time but remember from my youth; mother/daughter/child stuff; quirky, fun, strong, brilliant, mature women; Sugarhouse! I wish I were there now. We could get coffee and find some mischief to get into . .

    By the way, you used the word "cathartic". When I came to work Monday, David looked at me and immediately said, "What happened? What's changed?" I told him we'd finally had the first talk. About Wednesday he said we'd need to put an anchor in my back pocket. So much weight had been lifted from me, he was afraid I'd float away.

    Thanks for taking the ride on my little pink bus.

  5. Well, obedient women rarely make history! I'd say your fabric and batting rendering should count as a quilt. I was giving a quilting class one time and a lot of rather young children were present. I explained that a quilt was just a fabric sandwich with batting for bologna. They came up with some great creations that were definitel NOT bedcovers.

  6. Love that peaceful trail shot.

  7. Looks like you're having fun. That's a great shot.

  8. lieber Gruß von Kathrin


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