Thursday, November 19, 2009

Time To Talk Turkey

Time to talk turkey. About addictions. Nothing to do with Thanks-giving, except that thankfully, I'm not alone. We're all addicted. Some of us to routine, traditions, food, O2; others to drugs, alcohol, drama, relationships, drama in relationships - you get the idea. One of the shelves in my bookcase is dedicated to books about addiction. Have they helped? A little.

And now the spewing forth, the splattering that is so common to confessional blogs. My drugs of choice: food and drama. There, I said it. No one who really knows me will be surprised.
was very nice
for Adam and his madam,
until they filched the fruit and took the fall.
They lost their place
and fell from grace
and you can bet we can’t forget
that eating is the oldest sin of all.
Victor Buono, Head
LimesNow  openly says she "eats very little," and if you look at Standing On My Head, you know she can't possibly eat very much. How DO you DO that? I know the times I have been most successful at curbing my enthusicastic appetites (for both food and drama) are when I subscribe to the Bob-Newhart-as-psychiatrist-on-Mad-TV-method.

This method really works (for a while). Toss the books, the counselling, the wallowing, just "STOP IT!" After decades of fruitless and carbless struggles, I now know that dieting doesn't work. The times I have girdled up my loins and regimented my intake have always been followed by exhilerating, joyous consumptive celebrations. Follow The Tao. Be with what is. Go with the flow. Wu-Wei Wu 无为. I find that since I started blogging, I don't feel like eating as much. I know it's narcissistic, but in a good way. I am exploring parts of me that I barely admitted existed and the need to distract myself with food (or drama) has lessened. Of course, now my addiction is blogging. (look for next post: blogging about bloggers who blog about blogging)


  1. oddly, i do eat a fair amount. what i don't eat a lot of is junk, with the exception of chocolate chip cookies. my activity level is pretty high, teaching and practicing a bunch of yoga, hiking and the like. beyond that, as long as i'm taking care of myself in multiple arenas, food isn't my best friend. i am!

  2. Thanks Kass, As would be therapist I learned in 6 minutes than I did in almost 4 years of college. Stop it. Great post.

  3. "Food isn't my best friend, I am." That's a great line, standing. I'm going to make it my mantra today.

    Tag- a would-be therapist? Really? Gotta love that Bob Newhart!

  4. Ah, Kass. I have hard news for you. I'm Limes and I'm a food-a-holic. I just happen not to eat very much right now. I have spent my time here alternating one addiction for another, recovering from one while embracing the next. Cannot wait to see your next, because - yes, it is true - I am Limes and I am a blog-a-holic.

  5. In the words of a wise man regarding blogging: Never before have so many people with so little to say said so much to so few.


    (I have this quote at the top of my other blog... keeps me in perspective!)

  6. Sorry, a late-breaking postscript: "girdled up my loins" is DAMNED good stuff, Kass. When I re-read it, I roared.

    And in dead serious sisterhood, you are right. Dieting doesn't work.

  7. Limes - I like you even more now, ya old Bloggart. - it's been 2 hours since my last post- half an hour since my last nibble (but it was healthy).

    Badger - I HAVE seen that at the top of your blog and I love it

  8. I'm calling my sponsor BEFORE I hit "publish" on the next post. It's quivering in anticipation of arrival on the blog.

    If I post, but still have the 24 hour pin, does it count?

  9. Hilarious and wonderful -- Just what I needed to read and see today.


    Whose head did you photoshop onto the turkey?

  10. I didn't have to photoshop it. It's a daydream scene of Kramer from Seinfield. Borrowed it from some image site on the web.

  11. kass-please do! whatever works.
    just to be clear, i've had my own skirmishes with bad food love. i finally figured out that the most effective way to deal is to be absolutely present to what's happening, and to be absolutely truthful about it. most liberating! then you make your choice.

  12. On the subject of turkey and dieting, thought you'd enjoy a Facebook status update posted today by my funny nephew (and his friend's response):

    C. K. R.:
    "just made one of those trace your hand tasted horrible."

    "Use the other hand"


  13. Eating is now my problem but I do have my addictions.

    Can't stay...left you a comment on my blog that I'm having trouble with my eyes to explain my absence. Thanks for checking.


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