Monday, November 30, 2009

...and so it begins


  1. Girlfriend, tell me if you're a fan or a foe of the holiday lights. If I can ever get out of myself, I have a post planned about these "shows". I am rather Scrooge-like about certain over-the-top displays, although I like a sweet, simple presentation, no matter which holiday is being celebrated. I personally celebrate solstice, although I was an official Christmas Nazi for decades.

  2. Limes, I shot these photos from the car on the way home from your old neighborhood.

    No, I am not a big fan of the light shows. Several years ago, I sent out a Christmas card that had an old Airstream trailer out in the middle of a field with a single string of lights on it. I am SO mad I didn't save one of the cards because I LOVED it. Simple. Black and white. That's why I liked most of the shots I took tonight, especially the first one. Just a few lights. I don't like it when the neighbors have BOTH their Halloween AND their Christmas lights & decorations blaring. In general, I am NOT a fan of how society does Christmas. Since I bought my little, inexpensive digital camera, I am in LOVE with taking pictures.

  3. i have such mixed feelings about the lights. i'm no fan of christmas, yet i love the visual, esp. the very simple displays. i'm into sparkly lights.
    and boy howdy, i can relate to the love of taking pictures-of everything that doesn't move out of the way too fast!
    keep at it-we're loving your pics!


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