Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I taste my eyes drinking
the specter
of deception's storehouse,
I cannot contain the edges of my doubt,
or hold the radiance of your elegant lie.
There is nothing to say,
and nothing to say it with.
 My skin has become
 the burnished membrane
of hard devotion.
© 2010 by Kathryn Feigal. All rights reserved. 
(inspired by Jonas' post and comments: click here)


  1. Wow, Kathy! Drama suits you so well. Your images are spectacular. Can you show me how to do that?
    (Not weep, just manipulate?)

  2. Powerful sentiments and imagery. The words "hard devotion" reverberate inside me.

  3. Fascinating -- photos and poem!

  4. Girl, as we say to our friends, you did a fabulous job with this. Absolutely stunning.

  5. K-- I'm not an artist like you, so I'm wondering if frame # 1 is pure drama or if that really was a sad day for you? I hope it was just "drama"....

    Also, what strikes me about the 5th frame is how reminiscent it is of the Statue of Liberty!!

    Amazing computer graphics...

  6. Official fan letter: I'll try to keep it brief. I have been seeing you on Digital Existence and then on Decadent Tranquility (two of my favorties) and have visited your blogs when Mr. Insomnia visits me. I felt a bond as I have my own Sugarhouse story dating from Halloween, 1958, and I also enjoy redoing the undone. I do not have your flair for that yet. I hope I grow up to be you! This post of yours, however, has grabbed me hard. So much so that I want to steal and use some of your words: I'd like to have "irrational optimist" tattooed upon my body tonight. "There is nothing to say and nothing to say it with" has made me bleed. I thank you for your creative work and plan to visit here often. Sign me on, I'm a follower!

  7. Marie - I would love to show you how to play around with photoshop. I still haven't figured out how to erase wrinkles....and I could even teach you to weep ala eyeliner and olive oil in a bathtub.

    Jonas - thanks for identifying with and appreciating something in my poemophoty.

    June- Thanks for stopping by & liking.

    Christella - Girl, the feeling is mutual about your renderings!

    pompoms - You have the clearest knowledge about the emotional backdrop to this, and yes, at this point it was strictly drama and prickly after-effects of my person-of-the-lie-narcissistic-crazy-maker. The back story to the photo is: a fellow blogger posted a self-portrait photography contest and I had one shot left in my disposable camera so I set up the scene knowing that gravity would be to my advantage wrinkle-wise if I were lying down. I lit a bunch of candles around the tub and the box of matches fell in the water, so I just left them. The photo turned out blurry and flash-in-your-face-over-exposed so I began playing around with photoshop. This incident led to my buying a Kodak Easy Share, which I love, but now I feel compelled to buy a camera with a better lens so I can do close-ups. Wouldn't it be nice if I could buy a computer with a zoom lens into the soul so I could focus better on my poetry?

    Trėe - Thank you for your kind comment.

    Limes Now - I too have been wandering your blog in the middle of my insomniac nights. Sometimes I think this lack of sleep is an awakening to messages I'm supposed to be hearing, and perhaps it is, blogwise. Is the Sugarhouse (or as my friend Holly calls it, 'Sugarhood') story on your blog? I'll have to look again. I enjoy your blog so much. You should be in touch with Christella (another commenter on this post). She also lives in Las Vegas. I LOVE her blog. I'm glad you resonate with my words - Steal away, lady. I'm flattered.

  8. Insomnia is the best gift of menopause, or so they say. I feel like I have another whole life sitting at the computer at night, cats staring at me, wondering why I'm so lively. The Sugarhouse tale isn't posted, but I'll write it soon and dedicate it to you. I nearly fainted to see "Sugarhouse" on a blog. I have checked out Christella through your blog and saw she's a retired educator here in Las Vegas [resonates with some of my other interests]. I'll go say "hey". I'm glad you posted about Holly - I'm going to buy some of her hats for camping. It's not REQUIRED that I look like a complete toad when out in the desert. Thank you for your generosity with your words. I will use them with gratitude. I'm so pleased you hopped on my bus today. It's lovely to make your acquaintance, Kass.

  9. A really graphic response to a sad and disturbing prompt. The technique - I assume some sort of photo manipulation I don't understand looks full of potential and really interesting. I'm glad I came across your site.


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