Sunday, November 22, 2009

I Love Funky Restaurants

I love funky restaurants so when friend, Marie offered to take me to breakfast at the No Worries Café and Grill, I was all in. The name really says it all. You feel like you’re escaping into a secret hidden place neslted at the bottom of an off-ramp halfway between Salt Lake and Park City. It’s cozy as well as tasteful and full of smiling people. Truckers and regulars have been coming here for years.

This is manager/chef Dante Eggan. He makes everything from fresh ingredients. Even their daily burger special is fresh, bought three times a week from a certified Angus dealer.
Although his training and expertise lies in four and five star restaurants, Dante prefers cooking in the intimacy of No Worries to some of the larger more sophisticated establishments he’s worked at.  “I like to get out on the floor and talk with customer, to know who likes what, I like the personal interaction.”

This is wattriess, Barbara. She really takes customers under her wing (note picture, yuck yuck). She was most pleasant and friendly. I had the Breakfast Burrito and Marie had French Toast. Marie says she comes here for family Birthdays, she loves it so much. I can see why. We stayed there for a REALLY LONG TIME and nobody made us feel like we should leave.                 

(Sno Worries - photo from website)


  1. I think we should start the "gas station restaurant road trip" and keep the fun coming. We have so much to talk about, too.

  2. I'm ready. Let's go. I wonder if somebody's already written a book travelling the gas station restaurant circuit.

  3. i really want to go to a place called "no worries!" sounds australian.
    plus, now i'm hungry! i love places like this. hey, we should do lunch!

  4. i forgot. there's a place here called "roberto's tacos" that was featured on alton brown's show on the food network. i pass it several times a week and STILL haven't stopped in. i am now motivated.

  5. Kass, this place has it all over Gas Food! This seems to be REAL food, real GOOD food. PLUS the opportunity to connect with others, which is like dessert to me. So is this the place? The Badger was saying last night,"a big internet round table at Kass' funky spot." Is this where we report? Save a seat for me.

  6. K -- somewhere on a road trip to Manti 30 years ago we stopped with our fellow travelers at Loren's because we loved their sign:

    "Eat at Loren's and Get Gas."

    As I recall, it was pretty good food (can't remember about the gas :)


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