Sunday, October 25, 2009


From "Day Full of Gulls"
Day full of gulls, a storm of gulls,
wheel within wheel of caw and sweep,
never seeing enough of them,
how they tilt the air, and glide, and ebb.
Barry Spacks


  1. A beautiful, calm picture.

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  3. Lovely image and I think 'storm' is a wonderful collective term for a group of gulls.

  4. all i know about seagulls is that my first time ever on a beach - i was 19 - and i FED ONE

    they are vicious creatures

  5. i really do read every single comment and visit every single blog, so yesterday i visited 92 blogs b/c that's how many comments i got on that particular blog post, it was up for almost a week though, and today i've got 69 blogs to visit

    i just feel like if people take the time to visit me and comment i should do the same, it's just good blogging :P


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