Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My Neighborhood

I love my neighborhood. It is called "Upper Sugarhouse" or "Fifteenth and Fifteenth." There is an old sugar mill on Highland Drive, but it never actually processed any sweet stuff because the machines shipped from France in the early 1900's didn't make the journey. I remember when Sugarhouse Park was the old Utah State Prison, with it's dark foreboding towers (old pictures here).
When I was a realtor, this area was described as a "sought-after quirky neighborhood, with early 20th century bungalows, cottages, and Tudors."
The first picture is the inside of Jolley's Corner. They feature clothes that I love, but never buy for myself. I would love to own this jacket, but I think I would look silly in it.
Christella, you talked me into it!
61, silly, and proud of it! (edited Wed., Oct. 7, 2009)
This is Emigration Market. It has been here forever. I grew up on 9th & 15th and I remember trying to ride my bicycle with my life's savings ($17) to this store so I could buy treats for all my friends. My mom stopped me and gave me one of my first lessons on spending money wisely.
Eggs In the City is new. I remember when it was a gas station. I'm glad they serve eggs now. There is a fabulous proudly-substantial waitress here who displays tattoos all over her body. My favorite is "Starry Night" on her upper arm.

Fresco's Restaurant - Fabulous courtyard & food,

The King's English Bookstore -
last of the independently-owned hold-outs.

Great Middle Eastern Restaurant
(reviewed for Catalyst Magazine, 2001-
short stint as food critic)

The Seven Dwarfs live here.

I have peaceful, meditative neighbors.

My little cottage -
(see more here)

Kathy's Countertop Café
(granddaughters Kathryn & Sandra with Mom, Autumn)

I didn't post pictures of the Starbucks or Einstein's Bagels in my immediate neighborhood (convenient, but not charmingly original) - or the Art Gallery (still under construction).
(pictures of downtown Sugarhouse here)


  1. What a beautiful neighborhood. I also want that jacket. I would wear it because I never worry about looking silly. I just wear what I want. Well, if truth be told, I like unique, silly stuff.

  2. Love the picture of you and the jacket. Glad you got it. You look so happy.


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