Friday, October 9, 2009


My teacher says,
You've got to stink first.

I tell her, I don't have time to stink -
at 64 years old
I go directly to perfection
or I go nowhere.

Perfection is nowhere,
she says, So stink.
Stink like a beginner,
stink like decaying flesh,
old blood,
cold sweat,
she says,
I know a woman who's eighty-six,
last year she learned to dive.

Lisa Colt


  1. Thanks for this poem -- and the very appropriate picture.

  2. Love the picture and the poem.

  3. Wow, this poem blew me away. And you don't have to be any particular age to appreciate its many lessons about what I call the amateur spirit and what the zen folks would call beginner's mind.


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