Monday, October 12, 2009

Beautiful Autumn Weekend

I love my new digital camera. It was the cheapest model the store had - somehow I don't think I deserve a really great camera because I know NOTHING about photography. I have been using a disposable camera ever since I lost my 35mm on a bush-whacking hike. This is just an unusual ice cube that I couldn't resist shooting. It begins my beautiful weekend. There is such beauty all around.

What could be more beautiful than hearing the voices of school children singing, laughing and whooping with glee as you ride the lift to the top of Robert Redford's Sundance Resort?

Stewart Falls - not much water left

The back of Mt. Timpanogas
(why do they call it 'the back?' - it's prettier than the front?)

...the last droop of fall -

My son's family came to the cabin last weekend so I set out crayons, coloring books and a flannel book story, thinking about how cute and cozy it would be for the grandchildren to get crafty here.                                                                          

This weekend, I notice Kathryn and Sandra produced some masterpieces, but I can't find the crayons or the flannel book stories ANYWHERE. I look all over - they're nowhere to be found. I think, "Oh well, I'll just replace them."

When I'm getting ready to leave, I decide to put some mouse traps in the crawl space between the two bedrooms upstairs. Guess what I find?

Left to their own devices, kids do the craziest things! (can't you just picture them all hunched over in there, coloring by flashlight?)
The grandkids call this area the secret passageway because it has small, mysterious doors opening into both bedrooms (shoulda looked here first).

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  1. The ice cube looks like a camera. Great shots, especially the sunset.


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