Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Spur Of The Moment Trip To The Tetons

Smoke from Lake Moran fire,

life sprouting on twig,

golden aspen,

hike to Garnet Lake,

we meet Toni and René and run into them again on String Lake hike
(one of my most favorite things - meeting people on the trail and talking to them -
turns out Toni is also a massage therapist),

two of 13 people in lobby of Jackson Lake Lodge on mac laptops,

(below) kissing frog on end of walking stick -
still waiting for prince,

we walk through area posted, "Outfitters Only - Bear Habitat."
I guess we got lucky,

can't believe it when I run into Milo, former student
from when I taught full-time at the massage school -
I make him pose for view of his "Great Wave" tattoo,

the original "Great Wave,"

another of Richard Murray's paintings
at the Visitor's Center. He does all his wildlife paintings
life-size, so this one was more than 6' long -
notice how the shadow of the cougar extends onto the frame -
(more at bottom of blog) and here -

happy to be hanging out in the Tetons -

happy to have new digital camera!


  1. Arem't the Teton's gorgeous. Thanks for reminding me just how beautiful they are.zuzn

  2. stunning pictures! love that golden tree.


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