Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Dance With Me

I have always loved to dance
but I never had a dancer's body.
I'm short and chunky.

When I was in High School
I was in Dance Club.
I wanted to be one of the dancers
in the flowing, romantic dance number
at the year's end program,
so I went to a blind "Doctor?" on the Avenues
who put me on 500 calories a day
and injected me with urine from a pregnant horse.
I lost weight, but I got a heart arythmia
and worse yet, I was put in
the comedy dance!

I like to say I have danced on Broadway.
Because I have.

If I have one very definite prejudice in life, it is this:
I think EVERYONE should dance.


  1. i was for some reason unable to say Thank You on my blog to the response you left there, so, because you were so kind, and because i love this Dance post, i'll do it here.

    Thank you. Very Much.

    put on your red shoes and dance the blues.

  2. Kathy I was in that very dance recital. I think you were in the number I wanted to be in. My father laughed out loud at the comedy piece and said nothing about mine. I was in 'Hush a Bye.' We wore flowing light blue gowns.
    Re: the pregnant horse urine: that's what Premarin is -- millions of women swallowed it for years for menopausal symptoms until they linked it to heart disease. I didn't realize it promoted weight loss (that was not the outcome for me).
    Best part of your story is dancing on Broadway :-)


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