Sunday, September 13, 2009

Happy 31st, Mary Ann

I had a Birthday Party for Mary Ann yesterday. Mary Ann's friends and family always make a special point of confirming she will be at gatherings because she has the greatest laugh and makes everyone feel so good.

I know a lot of experts say we need to be parents and not friends with our children, but that's hard to accomplish when our children turn out to be such great 'friend material.' Mary Ann and I are so close that we finish each other's sentences and reference our own special language ("Hoser beedy in der sneevy." - don't ask).

Mary Ann has always had a certain wisdom and maturity beyond her years. As an enthusiastic massage therapist who believes in the energetic component to healing, I have shared a lot of techniques with Mary Ann, beginning in her childhood. Her child-like simplicity and faith have proved more effective than all of my studied maneuvers.

Mary Ann worked as a Nanny for years and has tremendous patience and concern. As the co-caregiver to my 95-year-old mother, she is so sweet and patient, it brings tears to my eyes.

What a privilege to know this great woman!

("I Could Have Told You Anything," by son, David - sung by Mary Ann; David; guitar & background vocals)

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  1. As my mother used to say of herself, clearly you were a child bride! The two of you look like contemporaries.


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