Friday, January 22, 2010

Ten Things That Make Me Happy (I've Been Tagged)

When the elegant Christella asked me to  list ten things which make me happy, I was glad because I've been in a mafor fund lately with the care of my (soon-to-be) 96-year-old mother. I hope the people that I have tagged at the bottom of this post realize that YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DO THIS to make me happy) - It's just a small suggestion.
Ten (In No Particular Order Of Importance) Things That Make Me Happy:
1. Blogging - I've met some extraordinary people and gotten in touch with friends and family in a different way through this forum. It has also released my writing bug, which had gone exoskeletal for a  number of years. I originally started just because it was free and I thought it was a great way to organize my published pieces. 
2. Performing -  I haven't done it for years.  This is probably the place I am happiest, so if you see less of me from now on, it's because I'm working on my One Woman Show: Redoing The Undone (or I'm organizing a flash opera scene like YouTube's "Doe, a Deer")

3. My Family - and yes, I include my Granddogs.

4. Nature - Being able to go to my cabin (which includes hiking, biking and snowshoeing).

5. Books, books and more books. I am what I am today because of books.
6. The two best Cherry Chocolate Ice Cream Brands on the planet. Yes, I know I will suffer the outrageous slings and furrows that flesh is heir to, but while I'm eating it, I'm extremely happy.
7. My Friends - and that includes my family and my bloggies.
8. The Arts - I love them all. I am what I am today because of The Arts.

9. My Body - and my knowledge of Anatomy gained through teaching at UCMT (local massage school). Through the senses, my un-Barbie-like body provides access to all the activites I enjoy.
10. My Solitude - I enjoy my own company and feel so grateful for several "rooms of my own" - especially the one inside my head.
The Tags: (some of these people may have already done this - like I said - no pressure:
Autumn: (my daughter-in-law):
Jonas: (already tagged by Christella - but the blog is worth looking at)
Yes, I know I've tagged more than 10, but some people might not even get over here to see that they've been tagged. It's optional. And it's my way of encouraging you to visit these blogs.


  1. If you don't want to post about this, just list some things here. Gratitude: it does a body good.
    Anyone is welcome to list happy things.

  2. Girlfriend, THIS person got over here and saw she's been tagged! I'm up for the challenge, too. I have a couple of posts bubbling on the front burner, but I'll start writing this one tonight. And I thank you for the shout out.

    I thought about you today and sent you an awe-flower of the heart for all you do for your mother. I hope you're treating yourself half as well as you treat her.

  3. Limes - thanks so much for the awe-flower. Tomorrow is a big day for the mum and me. I'm taking her out ot town for her granddaughter's (my neice's) wedding. It will be an all-day event with lots of family coming into town. Hopefully, my trusty camera and I will be up to it.

  4. You and that camera will be up to it! I'll send more awe-flowers.

    I've had a rather sobering little experience. I immediately started my list of 10 things. I'm not going to put my family or my lover or my job. I'm putting a tiny bit of a spin on it and framing it more like 10 Things I Love to Do. Guess what, Kass? I came up with a list of 17. And I'm not actively doing very many of them. This is profound! I may be dumber than a box of rocks (Duh, Les, go do something you love.) OR on the precipice of stumbling into happiness.

  5. (Whew! That's a relief. No pressure)
    I know you couldn't limit yourself to ten things that make you happy, because there's so much happiness in you. It's contagious.

  6. Marie, if you hadn't ended your blog, I would have tagged you (and THEN the pressure would be on). I bet you could come up with 10 things easily. Did you see how many times you were in my 'friends' picture?

  7. i'm in, and working on it.

    and bless you a thousand times over for being with your mom. it's a trial and a blessing all at once, and sometimes the balance tips.

  8. standing - Thanks. I'm looking forward to what you come up with.

  9. Hmmm... you've got me thinking... what are MY ten things? Stay tuned, a brain-storm is rolling in...

    * Cousin Kate *

  10. The pictures with your ten things add so much to your list. I was in a funk when I started my list but felt better afterwards. It is hard to list 10 and I'm grateful that we have so many.
    I have never seen that Cherry Chocolate Ice Cream but it sure looks good. Your family is beautiful. You have so much to be proud of.
    After seeing your list I keep thinking that you should have been in Hollywood.

  11. it's always fun to learn more about the people we blog-visit with ...

  12. Kate - Thanks for coming to my blog. I'm looking forward to hearing your 10.

    Christella - I'm so glad you challenged me to do this. It has totally lifted my spirits. Thanks. No to Hollywood. Yes to a little Airstream trailor, custom-fitted with a pull-down stage for my travelling show.

    S. Etole - I've enjoyed getting to know you too. You have quite the following!

  13. Hey - that's a cool ten. I like discovering things about my fellow blog ramblers!

    Hmn...will try and think up something...may take me some time! Thanks for the tag though :)

    It's nice you have a little sanctuary for you when you are obviously so important to your family.

  14. Rachel - Thanks, I look forward to hearing from you, no rush.

  15. Just got into your blog and learnt I have been tagged :O
    Hmmmmmm…. Let me see… 10 things that make me happy and then tagging others…. the idea sounds great, so I’m getting right into it!

    Thank you dear Kass, you really put me into task.


  16. What fun, Kass. I don't think I've ever - not once ever - been tagged before and I look forward to the challenge.

    I shall do my best in the morning when I have my wits about me. Ten things that make me happy will require some thought. I'll sleep on it.

    In the meantime, it's wonderful to read through all the things that make you happy, and in no particular order.

    Thank you for the invitation and the honour of participating.

  17. I read this post in the early hours and groaned when I saw you’d tagged me. I wasn’t feeling especially happy then and I couldn’t remember ever being especially happy. It’s now the afternoon and I thought I’d try again. My problem is one of definition. I asked my wife what makes me happy and she suggested how I react when she comes home with pancakes from Greggs or when the bird responds to me. These seem such transitory things. She said I must feel happy when I’ve finished a piece of writing and she’s given it the thumbs up but then said that was probably more relief than happiness. I feel I ought to be presenting you with big things but I can always think of different words to avoid ‘happy’. I love my daughter, I’m proud of her but I guess I’m not a naturally happy person. I’d like to be but sadness comes so much easier. I don’t think of sadness as unhappiness. I’m not unhappy. I don’t think it’s a switch, you’re either happy or unhappy.

    My wife and I were in a gallery in the east end of Glasgow once looking at a wall with a collection of portraits by a single artist. Carrie said: “I like the sad one,” to which I replied, and without trying to be funny: “Which one’s ‘the sad one’? They’re all sad to me.” You might find this poem of interest.

         True Love II

         My father had a heart transplant.
         Years ago, before I was born,
               doctors took
               out his broken heart

               and gave him a machine instead.
         The strange thing about this machine
               was it was
               powered by sadness.

         Of course he was always just "Dad",
               but, when I discovered the truth,
               at first I
               hated the sadness

               then I became thankful for it
               because as long as I could see
               him be sad
               he would be with me.

         And so I made it my job to
               make him the saddest dad in the
               whole wide world.
         What else could I do?

         Monday, 21 July 2003

  18. Ok, Kass I just posted my 10 things. Now you can know me a bit more.
    I enjoyed very much reading your list, you are very charismatic indeed.

    Thank you for putting me into task.


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  20. Hi Kass! Thanks for the tag! I think this will be fun and I will let you know when I've posted mine! Thanks again, you are so wonderful at getting my creativity going!

    I've enjoyed reading all of the comments, too, and to Jim, your poem is gorgeous! Thank you for sharing!

    Happy Writing, all!

  21. i miss performing too. It's like a drug.

  22. Hi Kass, can I quickly respond to Jim's poem here, which I find exquisite, with my immediate thought that this is the sort of sadness, the beautiful sadness that makes me happy.

    I'm putting up my list of ten plus one now.

  23. Hi Kass! My list is posted:
    Thanks again!

  24. And here's mine, Kass:

    I shall now go and visit Alanna's post. What fun this is, albeit a tad exhausting. It's hard work this business of reflecting on happiness.

  25. I say Amen to your list - but did accept your tag a listed some myself.

  26. I don't think I could have found 10. Interesting, I thought, the performing and the solitude items. I guess we all have that special space inside the head, but I found the visual which you chose to accompany it very revealing. Not sure about food and happiness, though. I think they belong in different dimensions.

  27. Gabi and Alanna - Thanks, I've been over to view your list and left my comments there.

  28. Elisabeth - it has taken me awhile to get back to you because I followed a string of other people's comments when I read my tagged blogger's lists. All very interesting and a stimulating. I left a comment on your blog, but I wanted to second your thoughts about Jim's response. I loved his poem and if Jim isn't happy about making me happy, it doesn't matter. The world is already too full of over- responsible people (where trying to affect someone else's happiness is concerned).

  29. Jim - Sorry to make you groan, but thank you for sharing that poem. It is indeed stunning. And it reminds me of the years I spent keeping my mother alive. I guess I'm paying for it now.

  30. MODG - Oh how I would love to see you perform. You make me laugh so much on your blog!

    TODD - Thanks so much for responding. Loved your list. Love you.

    DAVE - Glad you found my special backyard space revealing. I guess. I'm never sure EXACTLY what you mean (the sign of a great writer - open to stimulating interpretation).

  31. Your variety of interests make for a very readable blog. Your interests come through in your blogging in a natural way.

    Kindest regards,
    Tom Bailey

  32. TOM - Thank you. I'm hopping over to your blog now to put in my two cents about 'trust."

  33. Hey, sweetiecakes ! let's see...ten things. The first thing that comes to mind is the ability to WALK into my bathroom. I never knew how much I loved my legs !! Soon now they will be working again. Nine more things off the top of my head:
    1. The fabulous dance of the 4 swans in the 2nd act of Swan Lake (again, with the legs !
    2. Bach Brandenberg Concerti (all of them !)
    3. my memories of playing the Messiah on my front porch (our little string quartet
    3. oh, and I cannot forget our hoedown, with blocked-out teeth on the assembly at Roosevelt
    4. poems by Gerard Manley Hopkins
    5. pumpkin spice bread from Crumb Brothers Bakery in Logan
    6. Colin Firth...just anything the man speaks at all
    7. Capital Reef is my spiritual home
    8. Team of book I have read in 20 years
    9. whew ! I gotta longtime friendship with you. It is priceless.

  34. Thank you for tagging me, what a lovely exercise in remembering Joy!

    You commented on my blog about faith... the wonderful part of that is that even if you aren't sure there is a God, he is sure there's a you. :)

  35. Cathryn - It's so great to see you here. Thank you for the lovely list. I would have tagged you but I don't think you'd started your blog yet, or at least I wasn't aware of it. I'm going to get right on "Team of Rivals." I know anything you recommend will be great. And Hopkins poems. I don't think I know him.

    Kim - Thank you for your list and your comment. My beliefs are always evolving, and I think that is the nature of faith - to be certain of one's awe, but hard-pressed to define it or pin it down.


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