Friday, July 20, 2012

From Aurora shooter, James Holmes
(possible) point of view;
3-month-old babies don't matter,
teenagers don't matter,
all humans other than me
who dream of a bright future
don't matter.
All that matters is
that people know
this was a WELL-EXECUTED event.


  1. Pretty much sums up so many humans at the moment. Nice to have kind friends.

  2. MARIE - Thank you, kind friend. The world is a strange place sometimes.

  3. Kass, It is good to see you back. I wish it were under different circumstances. xo

  4. Was it a well executed event? I've only heard the very basic facts about this horror, being, as I am, on the other side of the atlantic. And not particularly attuned to the news anyway.

    Nice to hear your voice, Kass.

  5. Is this close to where you live? Colorado has had so much to deal with it seems.

  6. Nice to hear from your direction.Terrible mishap, one never knows what drives this illness.

  7. LOACH - Beyond sad.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  8. MARYLINN - Circumstances will always include aberrant behavior. We all have some of the items on the checklist. Just what makes someone go over the edge is a mystery.

    1-Irritability and Agitation
    2-Lethargy and Social Withdrawal
    3-Stereotypic Behavior
    4-Hyperactivity and Noncompliance
    5-Inappropriate Speech

    Thanks for coming by. I guess I'm a little bit of a lapsed blogger due to various demanding projects. Hope to catch up soon.

  9. ERYL - The thing that kept bothering me was all the references on the news to how well thought out and planned down to every detail the attack was. It boggles my mind that someone could consider slaying so many people with a cold and calculated mind. I have lived with and dated narcissists, so I have brushed the edges of evil. It's always chilling.

  10. S. ETOLE - If everyone on the planet had the same reaction to life that you do, there would never be murder, wars, or any displays of unkindness to others.

  11. OUT ON THE PRAIRIE - My direction has propelled me into a lot of chores and activities that have left little time to catch up on my favorite blogs. Hope to remedy this soon.

  12. I happen to know a party planner who feels exactly like this too.

  13. F&M - Puts it into a weird perspective.

  14. Excellent.

    Your writing, not the act that inspired it.

  15. kass, glad to see you back, sorry for the reason.
    i read today that some think this was planned, not by the shooter, but by other forces/groups. the conspiracy theorists are, well, conspiring.

  16. Incidentally, I see "Our Town" on my sidebar. I'm guessing you took that down after you found out about the Colorado tragedy. I can't fault you for that, but if that's the Thornton Wilder play you were referring to, I'd be interested in reading what you have to say about it.

  17. I wonder... I'd really love to know what the thinking was behind it. Interesting speculation.

  18. KIRK - The Our Town on your sidebar wasn't referring to anything I've posted.

    Blogger has gone crazy with the spam crawlers. I just had to delete a whole bunch of nonsense. I hope I stopped it in "settings." I thought word verification stopped the anonymous comments. No wonder I don't post very often.

  19. DAVE - Some events are too terrible to understand. Thanks for stopping by.

  20. Sorry for being a LOT late in checking on you. Will be more curious from now on! Glad to see your writing again. Too bad this tragedy had to prompt it.

    It leaves me stunned when I hear of people randomly killing. These events seem to be coming with more frequency too. So scary and sick.

    It's so wonderful that I have friends like you who care SO much.

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  22. hi kass,

    the e-mail mechanism associated with your blog doesnt work with the way i have my e-mail set up. i just wrote you a note via etsy, but i wanted to try and contact you here, too.

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    thanks so much, susan


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