Thursday, July 1, 2010

If a person who had wronged you 
showed up at your house with this expression on his face
and reached across the table to hold your hand 
after you had ranted and railed against him,
would you,
could you,
"Never you mind. Never you mind"?


  1. Cloris is very forgiving. Timothy is lucky to have her.

    Great movie.

  2. Kass, you are an absolute treasure to the blogging world. Maybe my own insecurities come from comparing my (sometimes feeble) attempts to your unstoppable creativity. Thank you many times over for doing what you do, exactly as you do it.

  3. Well....Lolol...there better be a Good explaination to go with those deer-like eyes!

  4. um, probably not. forgive, yes. continue, no. with that face, he's bound to do it again. i've never been much for that whipped puppy look.
    or am i just jaded?

  5. Forgiveness is a gift, on all counts.

    PS: This is a reminder, I need to close a few books once in awhile and watch a few more movies...

  6. There's a saying:

    "Forgive others often. Yourself never."

    I pondercate upon that often.

  7. Depends on the person, depends on he wrong...
    The face has nothing to do with it. : j
    Besides it ain't over until the last picture shows. ; j

  8. I need to know a lot more than you've

  9. That face says a lot... I don't know... I could be schmoozed into it :)

  10. Hey that is an Iowa girl but not sure of the movie.Looks like a mother shot, mothers always can make the repairs easy.

  11. No, I haven't and I will never forgive the sociopath who was my x because to do that would be to condone what terrible things he did to our family and is still trying to do.
    The "oh woe is me nothing is my fault" doesn't quite make it anymore.
    My therapist said you don't always have to "forgive" but don't let bitterness develop. I think we need to find the balance that works for us.
    Super interesting post...

    cheers, parsnip

  12. Well, I can see I'm not the only commenter to muse on what you're doing to us, Kassie! I saw your post last night and I pondered. I looked again and wondered. I'm not as brilliant as you are. I don't quite have it figured out. However, yes, I could say it. I am an easy forgiver and I do it sincerely. I also believe humans are the most renewable resource and I believe we make changes in life. I don't wait for the other shoe to fall after someone has treated me badly. Yes, I get hurt by some. And I get amazed by others. It takes all kinds of nuts to make a box of chocolate. I'll keep looking for the ones I like best.

    WV - cavede. Do you think I'll get one from my box of chocolates?

  13. I just love the way you think, Kass. Forgiveness is something we do for ourselves and not the other person. Have a great weekend my friend.

  14. I'd send him packing. But, I'm a hardass. And, I'm alone. LOL! What have we learned??? :oP

  15. Oh this is so wonderful!! But for the record, heck no! He would know better than come over in the first place.


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