Sunday, June 27, 2010

Happiness Is...

There are many prompts that we, as bloggers can use to stimulate us into action.  There's the Poetry Bus, Shadow Shot Sunday, Happiness Is....and many others if you really go searching. This is my Happiness essay. I'm not entering it in the competition because I have more than three photos.
Happiness is being able to hang from a tree to stretch out after a bike ride and not caring if your underpants show...
Happiness is buying lemonade at the end of a hot bike ride from cool dudes who are raising money for the poor people. 
Happiness is finding an art gallery in the back yard of someone living on a country road.
Happiness is coming home just in time to see your daughter get the phone call informing her she got a job after being unemployed for a year and a half.
Happiness is being able to go the country because your big sister drove 2 hours to come take care of your mother for 2 days.


  1. Happiness is.
    Thank you for sharing your happiness.

    Congrats to your daughter on getting that job!

    And I hope you have a lovely excursion.

  2. I find myself sniffling and wiping tears away - there is something deeply moving about all of those pictures and the words just tip me over.

    Many congratulations on your daughter finding a job!

  3. your post is what we need more often in our world. the "small" things make the world go around. the white panty-stretch, the horses in shadows, the sisters who are good daughters, the daughter who got good news and the writer who knows a blessing when she receives one.

  4. A sweet post and much for be happy about. And a big congrats to your daughter on landing the job. That's fantastic!

  5. Yay! That's a lot of good happiness! Congrats on your daughter's new job. As the wife of an unemployed man, I know that would be the most happy thing that could happen here.

  6. Happiness is sharing life with others .Great post.

  7. What a joyous post, thank you!

    And congratulations to your daughter on that job, I hope it's everything she wants it to be.

  8. Happiness is seeing your pictures today!

  9. COngrats on the job. What is it? I love the stroller picture! What wonderful pictures you have. Or did you just discover these cleaning out Nanny's house?

  10. Yea!! A job for M.A. How sweet it is. I'm so glad you could get away.
    I'm thinking of you.

  11. Happiness if reading your entries.

  12. i'm really slipping. i missed this entirely.
    happiness is finding it, reading it, and being reminded of all the things in life that lift our hearts. that includes you, kass.

  13. Great collection of "happy's" and hope your 4th was also happy. Thank you for all your visits, comments and support during this awful time in my life. XXMollye

  14. Kass- I came over from June's 7-0 blog to visit you. I have not visited before but find your posts delightful. Especially liked the one on happiness with the lemonade stand.
    I'll visit again -- barbara

  15. I oh so like this post :). Little things in simple ways can always be a happiness.
    Following you here now Kass. Thanks for following me :).


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