Thursday, May 13, 2010

Collaborative Comment Poem

Poetry moving forward
gets the heart thumping
in a flari maravillosa tea party.

Poetic kindred spirits
and politicians manage
to throw out a challenge.
They tell us the way it came
about is what we wanted
all along.

The scrim is covering
a once apron,
a time
when wizardly candidates
were poets 
able to gift us and
tie perfect strings 
to our hearts.
Dave King said...politicians manage

Helen to gift us   

     Eryl Shields said...scrim is

Vicky said...poetic kindred spirits

Leslie said..flari tea party, poetry moving forward

Alesa Warcan said...once apron a time
N. Davis Rosback said...the way it came about
Paul C said...gets the heart thumping
Jan said...perfect

Standing on my head said...maravillosa!

Tag said...throws out a challenge. 


  1. Kasserole, you missed your calling! I'm going to grin every mile driving home. Check your e-mails when you get a moment, please.

    By the way Tag was playing the game in Comments on your earlier post. You poets amaze me.

    WV - mantr. What's the mantr with me that I can't be poetic, too?

  2. You continually amaze and amuse ...

  3. You have outdone yourself! How long did it take for you to so seamlessly weave this whole poem together? Brilliant...

  4. I bow to the master! Bow, Bow, Bow.
    Obviously your are a member of the poetry (WV)elitteti

  5. Hahaha! I'll bet that was as fun to compose as it was to read.
    Good going Kass! : j

  6. That was a clever bit of fun!

  7. I love the idea of tying strings to or hearts.

    I think of you as a poet now, Kass, without a doubt.

  8. Loved seeing the face of Mr. Dave on your post today ... then loved seeing the faces of so many favorite bloggers. Very clever indeed.

  9. i especially like the line break on:

    "they tell us the way it came"

    ok, so not just the line break but the line itself. inspired.

    a writer observes and a poet sees what "isn't there". well done, kass!

  10. your poetry is so beautiful.
    i so enjoy it.

    do have a lovely weekend. one love.

  11. This is a brilliant exercise! How fun!!

  12. Good idea for a poem....wonder if I could try that?

  13. You are just way too clever, seriously, what a fantastic idea.

  14. And I enjoyed the Mouse poem very much. In the marvellous tradition of Elisabeth Bishop...

  15. You're so creative: I bet you're the admirable sort that can make dinner for ten with half an onion, three carrots and a bag of rice.

  16. This is really neat Kass! Your commenters are so clever! ;o)

  17. Not so sure what all this means, but I like the collaborative idea.


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