Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What Some Self-Promoting Blogs Seem To Be Saying (maybe even mine)

scroll me baby
click me
link me
oh yes baby
I'm here for you
pop my window up
older post me
drag me
to your desktop
dilly dally
around my sidebar
I don't care
if you have others


  1. thanks but I'd rather come here and read - nothing is flashing, nothing distracts me from the writing or photos, nothing is urging me to buy or join.

  2. as a wise person once said to me, WTF? :))

  3. Kass is showing yet another side of her personality, fun, tongue-in-cheek... what else?

  4. Pauline - I see you've happened upon the same thing I have. Thanks for coming here to read, even when I rant about what I don't like.

    standing - Ha, ya got me (back)!

    June - Oh, I'm so glad you 'get' me!

  5. Aw, you didn't show our exchange of conversation wherein I encouraged you to go for the gusto! I'm glad you did, though.

  6. kass-tag, you're it!
    june-absolutely! can't have too much fun.

  7. Limes - Yes, I was much encouraged when both you and Jim Murdoch emailed me to say, "Where did that post go?" As I explained on Jim's blog, I still have some residual guilt about being explicitly suggestive, especially since some of my family reads my blog, but then, they know me well enough by now, not to be shocked.

    Standing - Tag right back, you a.l.y.i.w.d.t.s.m.l.d. - there now, figure that one out.

  8. first, your "explicitly suggestive" didn't make me reach for my vibrator, or my blog. keep trying.
    WHAT? i won't live long enough to figure out that one!

  9. Standing - it begins, "you amazingly limber yoga instructor who..." - you fill in the rest -

  10. This is scary stuff, Kass.

    Most of us want to be heard and want a response but this sort of following is extreme, yoga instructor or not.

    Is it called selling your body or selling your soul? Like an institutionalised child perhaps. Such children tend to lack discrimination and will run into anyone's arms simply to be cuddled and held. They cannot tell when it's dangerous, they're so desperate.

    I hope I'm not too cryptic here.

  11. Love to c you funny side dear Kass.. I was also wondering why you posted and then removed the post.. glad u put it back. Just be who u r, people like u the way u r.
    I also struggle sometimes when posting some controversial issues, worry about what my followers may think. But then I just allow myself to be, I'm not here to sell but to tell things as I c them. The most funny thing is that the post that I fear more are the post that people comment more (what a crazy world!)

    Keep being u.

  12. Elisabeth - No, I don't think you're being too cryptic, and even if your intention was to be totally terse, that's you're expression. I realize we all want to be heard and that was my hesitation when I pulled the post - I didn't want to offend ANY of my regular readers, because none of them have the bells and chimes and blinking lights. Every once and awhile I click the 'next' button after reading someone's blog and that's when I've come across the blogs with seduction techniques. I also fear that I may be guilty of wanting to lure people into noticying me. Like Gabi (the previous commenter) said, I was just being me (for the moment - but that will change). If I lose a regular reader or two because I posted this, then I do.

    Gabi - thanks for understanding that I meant no harm with this. Being all sides of 'me' sometimes is frightening to some people, but I'm relieved when people recognize my 'tongue-in-cheek' intention.

  13. There is nothing wrong with your post. I find it provocative and funny.
    Don't apologize for being u, this is your blog, so u can allow yourself to freely express yourself as you please.
    I'm sure your readers will keep coming back for more Kass and her "tongue-in-cheek" intention ;-)

  14. I saw this from a window seat on Lime's bus. I thought you'd been hacked by a porn site. Then I read it and was sure you were.

  15. Thanks for the compliment, Tag.

  16. I believe anyone who writes a blog and invites readers is saying "follow me," whether blog is monetized or not.

    I have a niece whose food blog will soon be seriously monetized (her work was just featured on but this is a great thing for her, since she is a stay-at-home mother of toddlers and she needs to support the family. Why not with her blog?

    IMO monetized blogs are a good way for current market of online dwellers to get paid to do what they love -- write. I guess the trick is to allow sponsors who have at least a bit of class.

  17. I'm assuming this is you, PomPoms. I hesitated putting up this post because I made the same realization as you did, and even my blog says 'follow me.' What I was referring to was a smattering of blogs I have come across that assault you with music you can't figure out how to turn off and flashing promotions. Some even get jokingly violent in their approach - "You better follow me or else" -type of thing. I have no argument against blogs with a main theme and a purpose. In the case of your niece, that's totally cool. And what about the Julia/Julia Childs blog? I guess I was going for the obvious seductive aspect of blogging - and I'm the worst addict.

  18. Oh my gosh - look at my sidebar. I'm the worst offender!

  19. Love it. The combination of words and image did it for me. And of course this blog, like all good ones, attracts smart readers not because it stupidly pushes the hard sell, but because it so skillfully whispers its welcome, not unlike the unforgetable come-hither look of a lovely woman.

  20. John - Whispering a welcome. I like that. Perhaps I'll start a new blog titled "Whispers of Welcome." I do like the majority of my readers. Have you ever gotten a foreign comment, that when google translated is filthy? Weird.

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