Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Shameless Promotion Of My Niece's Band

This is Neon Trees. Elaine is the drummer. She is awesome in every way. She was married Saturday.

Their reception was at Velour, the club where Neon Trees
has performed a lot.
You can buy the single, "Animal" on iTunes.
That's "Animal" by Neon Trees.
Buy it.
They have an album coming out soon.
Buy it.
(see more of Elaine on upper right sidebar)


  1. i love shameless promotion! and they're good, worthy of the promo.

  2. Shameless promotion of those we truly appreciate is a GOOD thing. In fact, you've beaten me up for it privately, and I have said "OK, I can withstand it." I bought it before placing this comment. I'll buy the album,too.

  3. Ha! You've made me smile! It's not shameless if it's honest, no that's not right, shameless?...What a weird unfathomable word that is...i can't do anything with it! Throw it out!

    This is called supposrting what is worth of support!
    Must be a more succinct and eloquent way to write that - if you find it do let me know...

  4. Hi Kass

    What a talent. I shall test this promo out on my daughters. It's nt self promotion, it's other promotion and it's terrific. in many ways it's a lot of what we do when we blog, demonstrate to one another what we and those we know and love have to offer, whether through words, music, photograohy, art, you name it, and I think it's terrific.

    I would never have otherwise come across Neon trees, not way down here in Australia, unless they become famous, which they might well do because the are very talented.

    Your niece is gorgeous, every bit as awesome as you suggest. Thanks for this.

  5. Kass,
    It is great to see the way you support your family. You posted your grandson's drawing, encouraged your son to start his blog and then invited us to read it and now you are supporting your niece.. What a wonderful human being you are. Keep it up!

    I'm very happy to be part of your bloggie family.


  6. standing - glad you like them. I love shameless promotion myself.

    Leslie - You're right. It is a good thing to promote something for which we have extreme affection. My private comment to you was harsh as I recall, because I was defending you in the face of possible abuse. Thank you for purchasing the iTune. I'm sure the band appreciates it too.

    Rachel - I like to say I'm senza vergogna. In Italian that means I'm without shame: the kind of shame that makes some people's soul anguish. I don't flinch in the face of public reproof. More accurately, I was following the admonition, "non avere vergogna." Don't be shy. I'm sure Roget has better choices for what I meant. Maybe unabashed. Bottom line: My niece is worthy of support. She's super talented. Plays the guitar, drums, sings, composes. I only hope the lead singer doesn't keep holding her back because he's slightly jealous.

    Elisabeth - I'm curious what your daughters thought. Let me know. I can take it and it won't sway how I feel about this particular song. I think it's catchy, as good as a lot of top songs out there.

    Gabi - Thank you for supporting me in my support of others. I love the extreme blogginess of our communication.

  7. That's a great song. They look like a British 80's band. Mostly because the lead singer's haircut.

  8. What a rocker! Good song, good band, good drummer. Congratulations to your niece on her wedding. I sent the link to my bouncy daughter. I hope they will be touring this way in the near future. Thanks for sharing Kass.

  9. JAY - I agree about their look. Thanks for stopping by. I checked out your blog. I like it.

    主場秀 said...
    一起加油吧 ...
    google translate says this means, "Oil pressure, Ki."
    So I'll have to agree with a raised eyebrow, since it's your language and your blog doesn't really exist.

    TAG - Thanks. I trust your judgment. Let me know what your daughter thinks.

  10. My daughters saw your niece's band on your blog, two of them, one sixteen, the other twenty five. Both loved it. My older daughter checked out more and reports back that Neon Trees are doing well. She went into all this stuff of them being signed up to Island records i think she said.

    I didn't quite catch the name, but they're both impressed. I think they thought Neon Trees would be a small back yard garage job but the band is far more sophisticated than than that. They're terrific.

  11. Elisabeth - Yes, they are doing quite well. They opened for The Killers in San Francisco a while ago and actually got the crowd more excited than The Killers did. They are so booked that they had a gig the day before Elaine got married and 2 days after, so she didn't have much of a honeymoon. Thanks for involving your daughters in the critique. I would like to know more about your children, but as you've discussed with Leslie, they don't like being spotlighted on your blog.

  12. This is why I love blogs. We learn about the family of the blogger, which is always interesting. I am hooked on brides as I watch Say Yes to the Dress everyday. (reruns) Your niece and her husband look so happy. It had to be a beautiful affair.

    Please say Congratulations to them and give them best wishes from your friend, Christella.

  13. CHRISTELLA -I didn't know this about you - you're hooked on brides! Elaine's sister made her wedding dress and the coat with the fur collar. I put over 100 pictures of her reception on facebook. It was quite the event. I will tell them best wishes from you. Thanks.

  14. Of course I never had the whole white dress thing and I often wish I had. I'm on Facebook. If you friend me I can see the pictures.

  15. K, I've been meaning to turn on my sound and pause long enough to listen... I apologize it's taken me over a week.

    How weird as I was listening to the first verse, I was thinking, they remind me of The Killers.

    I shall post a link on my FB page, because as you know, I like to promote any one who touches my heart. This is the second degree of heart touching, via you. I suspect the whole world is connected through heart strings. <3

  16. Kim - Thank you so much for helping me promote Neon Trees. They actually did open for The Killers a couple of times.

  17. shameless or not. Elaine is hot.


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