Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Sound Of Music Sing-Along

One of the most joyous nights at a movie theater EVER!
Everyone dressed as one of their favorite things from the movie.
I went as Maria (the version from the record album).

Whiskers on kittens -

A Lonely Goat From A Lonely Goat Herd

Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes - 

Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes -

Silver white winter (that turns into Spring) -

Brown paper packages, tied up with string -

Maria makes the children play clothes from the curtains.

Liesl and Rolfe

Goat Herding Fraulein from the puppet show


  1. You had fun! It looks like an utterly delightful event.

  2. wow! this looks like the sound of music version of the rocky horror picture show!

  3. WHAT FUN!!! I love the guy in the last picture with braids.

  4. That just sounds WAY TOO FUN!! You make a great Maria!! Did the audience sing along with the score during the actual movie?

  5. Limes, standing, June and I'm assuming Pom Poms - Yes, this was utterly delightful and kind of like Rocky Horror. They had the words printed on the screen. We sang along, we hissed the Nazis and the Baroness. We cheered every time Maria came on the screen. We waved little pieces of drapery around when Maria was trying to figure out how to make play clothes for the children. We each had part of the scale. I was 'Fa.' We stood and waved our card when our note was sung in "Do, a Deer.." We had poppers to explode when Maria and the Captain first kissed, but several audience members were premature poppers. Oh, it was so much fun. My face was sore from smiling and I even shed a few tears. There were so many enthusiastic people in the audience, especially the children. At one point, when the Nazis have interrupted the wedding scene, the little boy behind us said, "Why would ANYONE invite Nazis to their wedding?"
    If you ever have a chance to do this - do it. They do it all around THE WORLD. It IS like Rocky Horror Picture Show, only better.

  6. Oh Wow, that sounds like a blast. As a kids I saw that movie 100,000 times and I could recite the entire script. When I was 12 I had a favorite dress that I called my "Liesel" dress because the skirt was gathered like hers and I was sure I could dance around on gazebo benches in it. Then when I lived in Goshen, Connecticut I met an old lady who had been a good friend of the real Maria Von Trapp. She had quite interesting stories about what a crank Maria was. And Real Maria hated the movie. Apparently Rogers and Hammerstein had to add grace and cheerfulness to the family to make a pleasant movie!


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