Thursday, December 3, 2009

Black And White Poemophoty

A gate unhinged to nowhere,

a door I can't see,

a tune too old to hear,

messages I've missed.


  1. Beautifully done, Kass. I love "poemophoty"! The gate and plate/utensils windchime really draw me. I like the contract of the old metal objects set against the wood and leaves. "NCO Wives Club", indeed!

  2. this is marvelous. the theme and the black and white go together so perfectly. you inspire me.

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  4. HI, Kass, just returning the visit - I'll be back later to read more!

    The images here are a great combination - love the subtle shifts in tone...

    My award looks so cool there, too! Good for you!

  5. standing - speaking of being inspired, that last poem of yours was really a winner - so much in there - so much abject frustration- it produced a gasp

    Rachel - thanks again for the award - I hope my other readers stop by your wonderful blog - I highly recommend it.

  6. Thank you for your visit, just saying hello here. Love the photos and down below, anyone giving a nod to Yogi has my vote.

    Yes. I am sad you were given a chalk line and a parent who retreated behind anxiety headaches. Did that ever turn into a physical condition? I am fortunate, I think to not have that in my life. I married a woman who had it in hers, and in the end she gave me that experience too.


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