Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Los Elefantes - Crazy Wannabe Mexicans

David's band: "Coming Through Clearly," Son, David composed, sang, played guitar & rocked!


  1. Kathy...I am impressed. So high tech...videos and everything! Who is this David? I love that you love girls just want to have fun. We should sit and quote the whole thing together sometime. I'm sure linda would join...she could learn the dances. I've never noticed her ankles, but i don't really see her too much these days.

    Don't throw a mental dad.

  2. i tried to comment and it didn't work....?

  3. I love this because with my bad Spanish, I understood every word

  4. Hey Kathy,

    I found you through some comments you made on Holly Jo's blog...she's a good friend of mine...

    Anyway, I know you! I'm Dianne Peck's daughter...remember?

    Lovely blog!


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